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Onamac Beach Reservations

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Click here to Request a Beach Campsite or Large Party Reservation

REFERENCE ONAMAC CAMPSITE REGISTRATION AND RESERVATION POLICY Update June 2021 Reservations are an important tool to satisfy all Members and to give everyone an equal chance to book a reservation. Up to four (4) campsites can be designated as "Reservation Only" Campsites per given day.  These campsites will allow OMA members to reserve one (1) campsite per year.  These campsites can be reserved annually starting January 1 through December 31st.  If any of the four (4) designated campsites are not reserved, other members have the option of occupying the remaining campsites under the first come, first serve basis. 

Registration cards must always be completed on arrival in duplicate, even if a reservation has been made. One copy is to be left in the appropriate box at the Beach Information and Registration Board and the second copy at the campsite identification post.  These cards are available at the beach gate entrance.

Include your name, phone #, Lot number, the dates and campsite number that you want to reserve.

  Campsite 1 is closest to the boat ramp Campsite 3 is closest to the porta potty  
  Campsite 2 is just east of Campsite 1 Campsite 4 is closest to the beach entrance road Click to View Campsite Map