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Onamac Large Party Beach Reservations

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LARGE PRIVATE PARTIES                       

  1. Large private parties are any group gathering of more than 20 people.
  2. Large private parties will be limited to one-day access to the beach, and no more than one large private party event will be approved per day.
  3. Large private parties will normally be limited to 40 people; however, gatherings as large as 60 people may be permitted on a case-by-case basis (e.g., wedding receptions, memorial services, or Association functions).  Expected beach usage will be considered in approving a large private party gathering of more than 40 people, and an assessment for an additional portable toilet may be required if the application is approved.
  4. The sponsor of a large private party will be required to submit a “Large Private Party Application Form” (Appendix C) to the Board of Directors of the OMA no fewer than 14 days prior to the scheduled event.  The application will have a checklist for the sponsor and the Board Member so there is no confusion about the rules of the large private party.  Large private party applications will be processed on a “first-come-first-serve” basis.
  5. Large private party requests will not be allowed or granted during the three major holiday periods for Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Labor Day.
  6. No more than 10 vehicles and 2 boats on trailers may accompany the large private party guests to the beach.  All vehicles must have beach access stickers or temporary access cards visible on the vehicle.  No guest vehicles shall be parked at the gate entrance.  Overflow vehicles will be parked at the lot owner’s home.
  7. Large private parties can be held in conjunction with a campsite reservation.
  8. Large private parties must have the beach area cleaned and extra guests vacated by 10 PM on the day of the party.
  9. All large private party guests must comply with ALL beach rules.  Party sponsors will take full responsibility for their guests and advise their guests of the rules, including pets, personal watercraft, and fishing and shellfish harvesting.
  10. Sponsors are responsible for any damage or cleanup to the beach.  A charge will be assessed to the sponsor if it is determined that additional cleanup is required.
  11. All large parties will pay a portable toilet pumping assessment.