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Onamac Beach Reservations

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NOTICE: Onamac's Beach Rules including Camping and Large Party Rules start in the CC&Rs Section 13.0 These rules are also posted at Onamac's Beach Gate Bulletin Board & Onamac' s Beach Rules Web Page

A copy of the current Onamac CC&Rs is in this Onamac's web site's Policies & Regulations web page.  Please read Section 13.5 Camping, Registration And Reservations before submitting an Onamac Campsite or Large Party Reservation.

Click here to download a Large Party Form or click here to download a Microsoft Word Fill in Form.

The preferred method to request a campsite reservation is to send an email, an alternate method would be to contact Dave Baxter at 425-417-4332, or e-mail him at [email protected].


Click on Request a Beach Campsite Reservation to send an email request using a computer software app such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail or Thunderbird.  This link works on some tablets and smart phones but could be awkward or difficult to use.



The link above may not work if using a Web Based email manager such as gmail.com, yahoo.com, or webmail.wavecable.com .  An alternative method would be to click here to copy and past the text contents to a new email message.

Or copy and paste the following into a new email message:

To: [email protected]

Onamac Beach Reservation Request

: NOTE: A reservation is not required to acquire a campsite. Please read all Beach Rules in Onamac' s Beach Rules Section 13.0 through 13.7 before submitting a Beach Reservation

By submitting this request I acknowledge that I have read and understand Onamac' s Codes, Covenants and Restrictions Section 13.5 Beach, Camping and Reservation Rules and will ensure that my family and guests will know and will comply by these rules when occupying our beach area.

It is not the responsibility of the Beach Reservation Volunteers to explain or read these rules to Onamac Members making a Reservation Request!

Please include the following:
Your Name:
Lot Number:
Phone Number:
Campsite Requested:
Arrival Date:
Number of Nights Requested - 1-3:
Camper's Name:
Relationship to Member (Child, Parent, Sibling, Friend....):
Camper's Cell #:
Camper's Vehicle License #: